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by Andy0071
11 Jan 2015, 18:18
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: A380 VC Window fix [FSX]
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A380 VC Window fix [FSX]

Hi I have started this topic to get the attention of the PA modelers. Please fix the VC windows, I used Model converter X to find out that the material used for the windows is opaque rather than transparent this leads to opaque windows in FSX (Yes I know it is FS9 native) when you introduce any sort...
by Andy0071
11 Jan 2015, 16:03
Forum: Community projects
Topic: PA A380 VC for FSX
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Re: PA A380 VC for FSX

Hi, I direct my question to facked because he seems to have the most experienced in this area. I don't know about you but when I run the a380 in rain/snow, the windows go opaque. I have a potential fix but it requires the source files. Also the F1 rain fix doesn't do anything in this case. Thanx. I ...