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XML gauge design questions

Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 20:18
by jensi76pa380
Dear community,
I have some special XML gauge design questions, can you answer them?

1) How can an XML gauge detect that the auto spoiler (a) / auto brakes (b) is / are automatically activated? Is there another way than just monitoring the spoiler lever position / brake pressure in the XML gauge?
So my question is, if there's a dedicated variable for the auto spoiler / auto brakes trigger event.

2) Is it possible to show a rectangular portion of a *.gau-gauge in another XML gauge ("sub-gauge" in a gauge; no recursion assumed)?
I want to write an XML gauge that always shows one of two gauges (the XML gauge shall either show a portion of the first gauge or a portion of the second gauge depending on a switch - so the switch shall toggle between the two gauges).
How can this be programmed in XML?

Thanks for helping me.