Are Gauges can be edit?

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Are Gauges can be edit?

Post by Big777jet » 30 Sep 2012, 14:45


I have Airbus 319 panel. I see the barometer 29.79 with no flash led light. When above 18K and I press "B" then change to 29.92 it becomes flashing LED. It drove me crazy for 3 hours flying flashing and flashing on going. Can gauges change to stop flashing LED light? I want to permanent light on normal no matter what over 18K. Please help.



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Re: Are Gauges can be edit?

Post by inbetween » 07 Nov 2012, 21:47

What panel are you using? Generally with most Airbus panels when the gauge flashes you are above transition and you need to set the barometer to STD and it will stop flashing, you do this by 'pulling' the button, usually by right clicking or clicking on it. Keeping it set to 1013/2992 doesn't really work as you have simply set the barometer to 1013/2992 which is correct but it will continue to flash.

In this image, see the number 2.


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