A380 and VasFMC civil union

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A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by 777beats340 » 04 Jun 2011, 04:22

Hey All,

So after many weeks of work, I have decided to finish the project. I would like thank many individuals for their excellent time in their work for the completion of the panel. As you have probably seen the images in the other post. In addition people who are interested in enchancing their A380 from pairbus I will have also included the a/c config file changes i undertook. I will be posting the panel and required gauges. I hoped this will enchance the a380ers in the community.

Here is What I have included in the panel:

A) Flight mangement task including autopilot and a/c systems management:
VasFMC 2.1. (2.09 can be used and if you would like it I have a configuration for that as well) (all features are intact)

B) Pedestal and Overhead and Lower Main:
4 engined pedestal, with overhead reflecting 4 engines, with basic anti-ice, electrical system. In addition, you have a an APU and
GPU systems lightly modeled. In addition autobraking is modeled, with combo of POSKY autobrake, and airbus style gauges

1) FS9 GPS and radio and compass are still there, for those who need easy transitions from a fs9 default to an somewhat complex fmc systems
2) FLight Information screens, moving terrain map, with airport info, winds screen too
3) Pushback systems a) regular analog pushback system b) digital info and pushback, pull, and taxi (specifically put in for pull function)
4) Autocabin sounds automatic handling of cabin sounds from gate to gate. In addition certain annoucements can be manually controlled with addition of flightdeck sfx panel
5) Heads up Display in conjuction with ILS system
6) Really working wiper with adjustable speed
7) Posky utility door panel for easy access to the multiple doors on the pairbus model
8) N1 excess cutoff gauge modeled
9) realistic fuel dump
10) each additional instrument has its own small toggle switch no fumblling needed
11) RCB select correct gauge for those people running unregistered FSUPIC and have the infamous select bug, where mid flight only 1 engine responds to commands or one door responds to commands.

Extras on A/C
1)A380 3D contrails
2)A380 wingtip vortices
3)A380 Rainwash effect (all these play nice, and dont have the familar smoke randomly coming on)
4)A380 engine and apu shimmer from all stage of flight, again gate to gate.

Album direct link


Popout displays preserved from vasfmc



Main panel

Lower main

Extra goodies


Will be posted shortly on Avsim and Flightsim!

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by brad9825 » 04 Jun 2011, 06:52

this is awsome, but can it be merged with any sort of vc

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by armando101 » 06 Jun 2011, 13:43

Where we can download it ? :)

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by anels9 » 07 Jun 2011, 04:53

yeah i cant seem to find/download it anywhere? :(

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by 777beats340 » 08 Jun 2011, 04:19

Guys love the reception lol

Things for you guys, I finished compiling the panel. Ready for upload. HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (I hate this part). So I added two things (this where i get killed for adding way too many things).

1)Tow gauge, with toggle switch on the panel
2) RCB select correct (to help unregistered fsupic owners with that problem where they cannot select all engines or doors with E or shift E).

These two things have been causing some hang problems where after trying to pushback I cant get to close doors. Trying to fix the problem.

Next my issue is with the underlying panel gauge, vasFMC. I would love to release, it but 2.1 seems to have some issues (fuel planning, and transition alts. causing freezing). So I was wondering would you guys be ok with working around the issue, by just not using those two features, everything else works fine. So let me know what you guys think.

Just to summarize:

Two new issues, that will be fixed by tonight

Major issue need opinion,

DO you guys me releasing the panel without using the fuel planner and transition alt. feature
Do you guys me realeasing the panel after all features work certified.

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by GaryG » 08 Jun 2011, 07:20

Are you going to release the gauges? If so, you need the permission from the corresponding programmers.


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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by 777beats340 » 08 Jun 2011, 23:41

Yup, I actually conceived the idea of the vasFMC integration at the beginning of May, and emailed all the authors requesting permission, and here we are with all the authors permission lol. I don`t want to "steal" the intellectual property from anyone. I know how hard panel creation is

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by 777beats340 » 08 Jun 2011, 23:59


I`m not an VC expert so to answer you question, Im not too sure if they work in the VC. However after looking at the VC section of the panel, I think its possible. However again im not too sure!

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Re: A380 and VasFMC civil union

Post by fhoering » 24 Dec 2014, 09:05

Hi, is this 2D Panel for the A380 with VASFMC available for download anywhere anymore? Cheers, Fritz

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