FS9: PAirbus A318/319/320/321 Knee-board Ref.

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FS9: PAirbus A318/319/320/321 Knee-board Ref.

Post by n3rd_dude » 06 Feb 2015, 12:32

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure exactly where to post this so I opened it in General. I'm very happy with every single Project Airbus model that's been released so far for the very fact of it's quality. To this end, I try to fly these as close to reality as possible and to make that job easier I created my own HTML "Reference" cards for the FS knee-board. I decided to share this with anyone else who would be interested. It's in the exact same style as the default FS9 ref cards so it should blend in perfectly.

There's a screenshot of the knee-board open in FS9 for an A318-111 in the link below (sorry, no direct link :( );
https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

If there's any issue with the link, please post I shall fix it. I will also be making the check list's for each airliner in a few days. If anyone is interested in those, please buzz as I'm not in a very big hurry for that.

To make these "ref" files work, make sure you have one of the following in each [fltsim.x] block of the respective aircraft.cfg file;
  • For A318: kb_reference=airbus_a318-11x_ref
    For A319: kb_reference=airbus_a319-11x_ref
    For A320: kb_reference=airbus_a320_ref
    For A321: kb_reference=airbus_a321-2xx_ref
A very BIG "THANK YOU!" to Project Airbus and everyone else out there who makes stuff like this for us "consumers" :-)

Sources: http://www.cyberair-yssy.com/A318-100.pdf http://www.airbus.com/support/maintenan ... teristics/

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