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FSX VC Problem

Posted: 04 Feb 2019, 12:50
by cmgs7
Hi, before I start I want to let you guys know that I'm a newbie

I just downloaded the Project Airbus A320 (please note that I am using FSX) and there is a little problem. I downloaded a full package off avsim which is the unofficial one (Maldivian A320 complete package). So I install the repaints using this because it has a VC. All I need to do is replace the textures and edit the aircraft.cfg and then boom, I have a working plane with VC and everything.

But when I try to get a A319 or A321, there is no VC!
I try putting Airbus_A321_interior.mdl into the model.cfg folder, and then I put interior=Airbus_A321_interior into the model.cfg file just like my A320 but then the whole plane and the VC disappears!

Please let me know how do I install the A319 or A321 to FSX with a VC.Because I went to the downloads section and I saw that the Airbus A321 is FSX compatible. I tried downloading it but there is no livery installer file. Please help me install, maybe also sharklets. Thank you!

Re: FSX VC Problem

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 18:30
by Bjoern
a) The model has to be in FSX format to accept a VC model.
Look through the downloads page as there are some links to FSX native models:

b) There is no Sharklet model in FSX format, so it will not accept a VC