[W.I.P - FS2004] - Swissair A321

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[W.I.P - FS2004] - Swissair A321

Post by Nixpilot » 18 Sep 2012, 21:32

Swissair A321-111 livery as requested. This will be my last repaint for the A32x family for now. I will move on to the A330 next but will only take out a repaint once a month.



still has to improve some parts of the repaint
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Re: A321 Swissair - [W.I.P]

Post by DoyleCFM567B » 19 Sep 2012, 07:12

Thanks mate! Good luck on the repaint! :D

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Re: [W.I.P - FS2004] - Swissair A321

Post by Swissair111 » 14 Jul 2013, 17:04

who can i download this repaint.....?

Thanks for the Response.

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