Monarch Airbus A320 sharklets

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Monarch Airbus A320 sharklets

Post by costalufthansafan » 04 Mar 2015, 13:29

Can someone do the repaint of the Project Airbus A320-214 with sharklets, please? I have the A321, the standard A320 and the A321 with sharklets but I can't find a 32A livery in Monarch Airlines colours.... :@
Here is an image of G-ZBAA: ... 88&nseq=22


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Re: Monarch Airbus A320 sharklets

Post by Shamrock912 » 17 Sep 2015, 20:22

Hi, I configured my existing MON320 into sharklets. I can give you the texture if you like. There's just one problem, its for G-OZBW which at this moment does not have sharklets.

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Re: Monarch Airbus A320 sharklets

Post by Nixpilot » 18 Sep 2015, 01:53

you're looking a repaint of the G-ZBAA?

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