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by Bostar
02 Dec 2019, 22:38
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Topic: EGT red with PA+PSS merge
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EGT red with PA+PSS merge

Hi I know this isn't a problem of Project Airbus: the EGT values are red when you climb using the merge PA+PSS (in FS9) with CFM version. It's a very old problem with the panel of PSS when you try to merge it with other model. As far I've read, years ago it was posible to solve it modifying the .air...
by Bostar
02 Dec 2019, 22:20
Forum: General
Topic: Payload management (FS9)
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Payload management (FS9)

Hi I'm using PA+PSS merge in FS9 and until now I haven't modified the payload (ZFW=56730 as is specified in the manual), but I would like modify it using random values (nº passengers) provided by Simbrief or FSPassengers. Is the flight model designed only for this weight or it's possible modify it? ...