Updates on the A330/A340 - July 2020

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Updates on the A330/A340 - July 2020

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Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since our last update on the A330. As you are aware the project has dragged on for a very long time, all of us have been busy in our daily lives and at times maintaining motivation. Many people have questioned whether the project or the group is still alive. Even though development has slowed, it has never actually been stopped, as none of us want to waste all the development work that has been done. The good news is that some of our members have returned and we have been working together in recent weeks behind the scenes.

There have been recent developments to the model and we thought it would be a good time to provide an update. Nick (our A330/340 modeller) has refined the model further including the nose, tail, rudder, main gear doors and other various details. The most significant enhancement however is to the wing. As you probably know, FS9 requires segmented cuts for wing flex to work (the wing has to be cut in several sections and it causes shadow / lighting effects). The model now features skinned animation that makes the wing flex look much smoother.

What this means is that the model will be released for FSX and P3D. This may disappoint a number of you who use FS9 but there are a lot of variants (9) to compile and Nick needs to do this every time there is an update to the model. The initial release will feature standard definition textures (1024x1024) followed by a higher definition release at a later date. By the time of release, the MSFS20 SDK will probably be out and we can explore our options for MSFS20.

The models that will be released are:
- A330-200/-300 RR, GE, PW variants (unsure at this stage if the 242t version will be made)
- A330-200 Freighter (this will probably follow the initial A330 release)
- A340-200/-300 (this will probably follow the initial A330 release)

What’s left to do:
- Base textures (wing bottom, dirt, fuselage, night lighting)
- Paint kit & liveries
- PBR materials & general effects

Note: The video below was taken in FSX.


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Re: Updates on the A330/A340 - July 2020

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I just came across this forum out of the blue sort of. I have been recently applying the PA318 (v2) and A319 (v3) into P3Dv5! And I must say for the most part it works really good and still looks superb. I have been trying to get it them to start engines via my Saiteck/Logitech/SPADnext panels ( trying to avoid autostart), and just decided to perform a google search on the subject and came across your site/forums. I musta came here years ago as I had an account, ha!

So I just wanted to say it was nice to see such the recent post above and that even today PA is still alive.

all the best, Clutch

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