Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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This new thread to anounce the Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC version released after 3 years of developement.

Aircraft can be downloaded on AVSIM library with this link (free account required) : ... CatID=root

or on FlightSim library : ... fid=187472

FD-FMC is a simplified FMC, with an unrealistic appearence, but a real flight management. Indeed, it offers real vertical navigation features.

Only for FSX+SP2 or P3D.

Many thanks to Project Airbus team that authorized me to use their fabulous Aircraft, and many thanks to all Project Aitbus forum members who help me to debug this panel.

Please,read the user manual provided with the Aircraft.

Credits :

Aircraft and 3 model :
Project Airbus

Panel and XML Gauges :
Francois Dore

Liveries Textures include in this pack :
Nicolas Chung

XMLTools.dll V2.0 and XMLTools3D.dll V1.0 modules :
Tom Aguilo
Robbie Mc Elrath

XML custom functions documentation :
Bob Mc Elrath

Sound module :
Doug Dawson

ECAMs Design and Bitmaps
Arthur Marx

VC orange Night textures
Nicolas Lidy

VC « blue LED » night textures
Paul Davis

CFM and IAE engines sound pack
Adam Murphy

Debug :
Wulf Bindewald
Jean-Pierre Varnier
Michel Rapp
Airbus Fan, A320pilot, Hans « hvw », zaflyer
Mehdi, Franzdur, Pepe-Pompero and many Pilote-Virtuel French forum

Many thanks !!

Please, all bugs report, question and support must be posted on the following thread :

Francois Dore
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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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Thanks very much for this, Francois. Great job. 8-)

best regards
Rick Canham
South Australia

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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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Sounds Very Exciting
Just Got To Test It Out
Long Live Project Airbus.

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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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Thanks; Good flight

For those who have not follow the project , here a summary of FD-FMC panel :

What is FD-FMC :
FD-FMC philosophy is that substance is more important than form.

FD-FMC is a FMC with a no realistic look, because I wanted it to be usable by beginners. This is the form

However, it manages aircraft flight dynamics like a real Airliner (other freeware FMC like VAS-FMC do it ). It manages Vertical navigation .
This is the substance.

About horizontal navigation:
it works with the FSX GPS macro functions (thanks to Bob Mc Elrath, who documented all FSX GPS hidden XML functions).
SID, STAR and approaches are created by "FreenavDBgroup" members. Procedure are included in data files for each airports (130 airports realized today).
A free "AIRAC" file, updated weekly, add FSX missing navaidsi.

All is Free !

When an airport is in the Freenav database, you can add at your flight plan SID, STAR and aproach. You can save tyour flight, FD-FMC overwrite and update the FSX ".PLN" file.

You can also add or delete flight plan waypoints with the Gauge, and create your own SID/STAR when airport is not in the database.

- Freenav procedure includes altitude/speed constraint, holding patterns, ARC-DME.

About vertical navigation:
This is the hidden part of the iceberg.
From take-off until landing, FD-FMC manages aircraft behavior.
You can select take-off thrust, climb thrust, speeds and the gauge manages climb and descent acording your setting, with a constant thrust, and a variable pitch, to hold speed, as real arircraft !
This part is 90% of the programming code (2 years of work only for this part !).
Gauge has ist own Autopilot and A/THR code.

FD-FMC setting are :
- Select Takeoff thrust (TOGA, FLEX with assuming temperature, according gross weight and cost index)
- Insert take off runway threshold in the flight plan to have a first segment in the axis
- Mode RWY (take off in the runway axis)
- Mode RWY TRK : take off by use ILS of the opposite runway in backcourse mode
- Throttles notches as real Airbus (CL, FLEX/MCT, TOGA)
- throttles stay active with A/THR (Except in SPEED/MACH mode)
- Select Thrust Reduction Altitude (THR RED) : 1200ft by default
- Select Acceleration altitude (THR ACC) : 1200ft by default
- SRS mode after take off (Airbus safety speed mode)
- Noise abatement procedure in SRS mode
- Manage spped or altitude constraint linked to a waypoint or speed constraint linked to an altitude during a SID
- Select Climb thrust/speed until 10000ft (mode ECON, EXPEDITE and N1, Green dot speed) according aircraft gross weight and cost index selected
- Select Climb thrust/speed from 10000ft to FLight level (mode ECON, EXPEDITE and N1) according aircraft gross weight and cost index selected
- select transition altitude ( 5000 to 18000ft)
- Select Cost index, (used for ECON thrust)
- Calculation of the optimal flight level, according gross weight, trip and cost index (real Airbus formula)
- It is possible to select a second flight level with weight threshold
- TOD calculation
Climb use THR CLB mode (N1 thrust); FMC controls aircraft pitch to hold speed with constant thrust !
- Select Crossover altitude (below IAS speed, above MACH speed, 29000ft by default)
- Real MACH mode (FMC calibrates permanantly IAS value versus MACH value : No overspeed possible; fix a biggest bug of FSX default autopilot)
- Managed climb (CLB) or slected climb (OP CLB)
- A/THR during descent is in THR IDLE mode, managed descent(DES) or selected (OP DES), with FMC pitch control.
- Manages holding pattern (even with front entrance) and ARC-DME, during STAR and approaches( with data included in airport database files)
- Display information page about procedure for departure et arrival airports
- You can select approach gradient en degrees
- Approaches ILS, LOC, RNAV
- Mode FPA (Flight Path Angle): You select on the FCU your gradient in degrees
- Calculation of the approach speed (Vapp) , according flaps configuration, wind component, aircraft gross weight
- FCU as the AIRBUS FCU (except CRS knob). You can preselect a Speed/HDG/V/S value

Example of the "performance TakeOff" page:

Example SID loaded at KLAX Los Angeles :

Example of the Approach page :

All mode managed:

Mix managed/selected:

Mode FPA :

Some example of the PFD :



FD-FMC manages also :
- Autoland (with flare)
- Go Around (simplified)

PFD readings :
ON the FMA :
1st column
- FLEX xx
- LVR CLB (flashing)
2nd column:
- ALT*
- V/S xxxx
- FPA x.x
- G/S
3rd column:

Other readings:
- DECELERATE (flashing)

White frame are displayed when you switch a mode.
All color as real Airbus (Cyan (armed/selected), magenta (managed), green (active) and white (active)

- Max speed bar according altitude and MAch value
- max speed symbols for flaps
- min speed symbols according flaps configuration and aircraft gross weight.
- "Speed bug" cyan or magenta according FCU mode, with bracket speed bugs during descent
- Green dot speed

Navigation display :
- Displays traffics (primitive TCAS )
- All knob position working ( Virtual cokpit MDL file fixed about PLN position)
- radar terrain (TAWS)
- Chrono
- displays FIX, NDB, VOR and airports

Flight model :
- .AIR file fixed (engine thrust curves)
- Flaps number of position
- "Fuel Flow" fixed
- Flight protection : Roll max +/-30° ; +18° max hold up, -30° max hold down
- Fly By wire (in the FSX limit);
- Mid extension of speed brakes when aircraft in controlled by FMC
- Aircraft.cfg updated (IAE et CFM)

- Close to real Airbus
- real animation during engine startup
- Memos and checklist
- FMC STATUs page
- T.O and Landing Inhibit

Others :
- Cold & Dark
- Autobrake (with RTO)
- Autoland
- Real engine startup procedure (bleed, fuel circuit...)
- Engine failure management (bleed, fuel circuit)
- Real fuel management
- SFCC for slats and flaps

BLEED page during Startup:

Virtual Cockpit :
- All overhead switches working (BLEED, hydraulic, ADIRS, de-ice, fuel circuit Croosfeed, crossBleed, extinguishers...)
- MDL file fixed

And many things yet

Sample of a complete flight in video HD :


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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

Post by fdd_fr »

3 new airports added in the database :

- EDDL - Dusseldorf - Germany, by Philippe Bronier. Exists in 2 version: first for FSX stock airport and one with an updated AFCAD provided which fix wrong ILS 05L frequency
- LMML - Malta - Malta, by Jean-pierre Varnier
- VRMM - Male - Maldives , tested and compatible with Aerosoft Maldives X secenery

Airports database menu -> Download airports by ICAO x to x

New AIRAC : 10042015


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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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Some new and updated airports have been added to the database, for FD-FMC.

BIRK – Reykjavik – Iceland (Francois Dore)
ENZV – Stavanger / Sola – Norway (Philippe Bronier)
KRDD – Redding – USA California (Francois Dore)
KSTS – Santa Rosa – USA California (Francois Dore)
Please, note that KRDD has a runway 16 approach in « Back course » mode. Back course approach are not managed by FD-FMC 1.00 but it next gauge update (version 1.10) will manage these approaches.

FD-FMC v1.10 will be coming soon !

Following airports have been updated (Major update for LMML and LIRF) :

KJAC 4.02 – Jackson Hole – USA Wyoming
LIRF 4.01 – Roma Fiumicino – Italy (fix some wrong altitude constraints in some STAR: Highly recommended to update !)
LMML 4.01 – Luqa – Malta (SID added for runways 24 and 32; Now in 2 version : 1 for FSX default Airports and one for updated AFCAD or scenery which use new Runway designator:05,13,23,31)
PAKT 4.02 – Ketchikan – USA Alaska, updated by Wulf Bindewald who added a STAR and an approach for runway 11.

You can dowwnload them here :

Think to download the new AIRAC file (version 10172015).

A FMC update coming soon. This update fix some minor bug and add the LOC back course Approach mode (used in some airports, like KRDD).

Check this thread to know when update will be available.


Good flight

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Re: Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC panel released

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So, A320 panel update v1.11 is available :
Some new features was already on the A318 beta, but there are some new features.

What's new with this update :
- New LOC Backcourse approach mode, when available on airport :Backcourse mode allows to use ILS signal of the opposite runway to get a Localizer guidance to land. (e.g KRDD Redding, Rwy 16 approach).
- Approach Gradient data for each leg of an approach can be included in approach data file, and used by FD-FMC
- In previous version, ILS scale appeared as soon as a LOC approach loaded; Now, with v1.11, ILS scale appears as soon as you are in approach : bug fixed
- When you renounced to take-off, all callout and some take data was lost. Now, after a « reject take-off », all system are reset.
- You can now use VFR flight plan; FD-FMC is able to save VFR flight plan : bug fixed
- Airport information page (Departure and arrival) display now runways from 3000 feet and more. Previous version displayed runways 4000 feet and longer.
- Cruise mode had a bug : When you selected a flight level lower than actual, above the crossover altitude (mach mode) IAS value was not updated during the descent to the new flight level : bug fixed.
- New feature to display SID and STAR index, with the possibility to have skip lines for more clarity (Thank you Wulf for this excellent idea !)
- New background bitmaps for displays, when aircraft is cold and dark
- XML code improved for better performance

New Approach gradient management :

New possibility to skip lines in SID or STAR list (this feature comes from Wulf )

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