PA A321 FD-FMC - FMC Keyboard

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PA A321 FD-FMC - FMC Keyboard

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I would like to know if it is possible to operate the FMC keyboard completely without using a mouse. Many of the buttons are linked to Lvars which can be assigned to external switch/button panel using the LINDA programme. However the keys for the alphabet and numbers do not appear to have Lvars and do not respond to the mouse macro system in FSUIPC.. Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution. If not would it be possible to arrange for this in a future update to the FMC .

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Re: PA A321 FD-FMC - FMC Keyboard

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Today it is not possible; But I will can add a "keyboard mode" to let user enter command with its PC's keyboard. But I have not enough time at this moment to add this feature.

I will try to do that in September.


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