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How to fly the A320 series

Posted: 19 Apr 2011, 23:44
by esg
Dug this up... ... l.pdf?dl=0

Should help people who are having trouble with the A321 even though it's for the A320

Re: How to fly the A320 series

Posted: 29 Sep 2012, 20:35
by Elmar
I've got a question to the loads of the new A320 and A321. Is the maximum load setted into the aircraft.cfg or about the average capacity about 80%? I'm asking because I would like to perform a normal flight, therefore I want to calculate the needed fuel.

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Re: How to fly the A320 series

Posted: 29 Jun 2013, 16:13
by SleepyWeltonBoy
The link is no longer valid. Does anyone have a current link to a user manual which explains how to fly the PA320?

Graphic Design Laptop

Posted: 08 Nov 2022, 19:36
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New Dark Web Link Details

Posted: 11 Nov 2022, 00:11
by FrankJScott
The Real Truth about the Dark Web Links
Since the first time it became available, the internet and cyberspace have seen multiple changes. The controversy-inducing technological advance is a metamorphosis of what is commonly called the Deep Web. The search for the Deep Web by teens and adults can be disturbing particularly since media portrayals often connect teens to unlawful or degrading web actions. There are some positives to this. However, like everything on the internet, problems and issues do not stem from the advances themselves. Still, they are driven by how users use the internet. These basic facts regarding the internet and web will help you become more aware and effective in your youth. This is a brief article on the Deep Web, false allegations, and myths. It is an enigma. There are a myriad of reasons why the Deep Web is so. It was created by the US Navy to provide more secrecy for their workers. It was soon used to refer to cyber-criminal activity that involved guns and drugs. The Deep Web is often the center of crime, from smuggling through to selling and buying. True, but there are many other aspects to the Internet. These are only some of the numerous misconceptions about the world. Let's take a look at some myths and discover the truths. See the awesome Dark Web Links info.

Are Deep Web And Dark Web Similar?
The Dark Web is something you have likely heard about. The Deep Web is commonly referred to as "the dark web". The Deep Web is only a small portion of the internet/web full of fantasy content and often isn't valid. It is typically found through traditional search methods and web engines, such as Google. Similar to the Dark Web, it is difficult to locate and is difficult to locate on standard search engines/web engines. The Dark Web contains exclusive information and is often described as illegal. A lot of people aren't able to access the Dark Web, but everyone recognizes it's necessary for security reasons. Regular Web searches can be used to mix dark and Deep Web content anonymously.

Criminals & Psychopaths procure The Deep Web.
One opportunity for media outlets to portray the Deep Web is that it is a place for criminal and illegal activities. The Deep Web is controlled even by criminals in order to influence more people and force them into illegal activity. There is only 505 facts to this. The Deep Web is a tool that allows illegal and criminal activities to be highlighted. However, it's not just used by notorious criminals. Aren't they criminals? Yes, you're right. The Deep Web possesses anonymous users and does not necessarily make them, criminals or psychopaths. It's merely that the Deep Web is less censored than the normal Web.

The Dark Web is Immense
While the Deep Web has a lot of popularity, only a very small number of people actually use it. However, users mistakenly see it as an ocean full of dirt and illicit actions. Actually, it's a tiny fraction of the entire internet. There are very few websites and SEs that provide Deep Web information and content. The web has many websites and apps. However, the Deep Web only has about 100,000. Because it's tiny and insignificant, the Deep Web often goes unnoticed.


Is Deep Web Really Nameless?
Deep Web users can indeed access the site, even though they remain anonymous and incognito. However, it is usually published. The identity of users can be understood by their browser versions , searches, IP addresses, and even adversarial Javascript. These machines also have the ability to reveal more information about users, their location and the metadata collected to identify them. There are numerous plugins that can leak confidential information and individual profiles that help to find Deep Web users. Deep Web users often use VPN to hide their identity. VPN can be used to hide their identity. VPN isn't the only method to conceal a user's identity and place of origin. There are other ways. Deep Web users feel that they've lost control, and their content is being distributed.

Deep Web has only one Web Service - Tor.
Tor is among the most well-known web services among the anonymous deep web services. While it is still anonymous users and traffic This article is focused on Tor. This implies that it is widely known. There are a variety of Deep Web services that can be located. The Deep Web assistance is not a requirement for submission of any form. Deep Web discussion is not limited to discussions about slavery, narcotics or man violence. Deep Web also provides information from the darkest areas of the internet that can be fascinating to read and explore. All Deep Web portals, internet service providers, as well as websites, can be searched. Deep sites are frequently untraceable by police. Once they are revealed users cease using the site or stop using it altogether.

What Is The Application Of Dark Web And Dark Web Links?
Use dark web links to access many underground resources. The anonymity of dark web links has earned them an unpopular reputation. These transactions can include the purchase and purchase of illicit firearms, drugs, passwords and social security numbers as well stolen identities, counterfeit products such as human trafficking, counterfeit products, and pornography that is illegal. It's also a place hackers can talk about data breaches or cybersecurity exploits. There are many respectable companies that have a presence on dark web. You can also talk about the latest cybersecurity threats and data breach.
Facebook recently made its accessible via Tor "darknetversion" of its service accessible. It is accessible via Facebook's "dark web" link. People living in Iran and China are able to access Facebook's dark Web URL, even though their governments have imposed restrictions. Tips and other information that is anonymous are also available to send over the platform.

Wrapping Up:
We hope you found this article interesting. We attempted to dispel all the myths about the Deep Web. Although the Deep Web can contain dangerous information that could affect teens or adults but it also has a wealth of hidden information and images that is vivid and mind-blowing. The Deep Web has a lot of dangerous content. It's easy to discover and gather all the data, therefore most of it is secure. The minds of young people are always intrigued and eager to know more. This isn't a requirement for the regular internet user. Don't worry. Remember the myths, and discover the truths of the Deep Web.

Useful Tibetan Mala Bead Blog

Posted: 29 Nov 2022, 09:56
by FrankJScott
How Do You Use Tibetan Prayer Beads. What Is Malas?
Mala is the Sanskrit term for the original prayer beads used in counting mantra and recitations is also referred to as mala. Within Tibetan Buddhist communities across the globe, malas are everywhere. They can be hung around wrists, and then dangled from the fingers. They are referred to as trengwa in Tibetan. They are also referred to as trengwa in Tibetan. Even even if the mantra isn't repeated, it can be used to quiet the mind and help focus. A string of 108 beads composed of semi-precious or precious stones, wood, seeds, bone, or wood is the most commonly used kind. If you can complete 100 mantra recitations while working your way around the mala, by reciting one mantra for every single bead then you're considered accomplished. You can add 8 beads to compensate for any miscounts and mistakes made throughout the course. There are also head beads, which are larger than the other. This is to compensate for any mistakes or miscounts you make during the course. The Malas may include precious stones placed at various intervals. For example, coral or turquoise. These extra stones can sometimes be added in intervals you are able to count, for instance, following 27 beads. This will let you know that you're only 1/4 of the way through the circuit. It would result in 111 beads instead of 108 if you used the counter beads. A smaller mala with 27 beads, which is worn around the wrist is also a great option for prostitution. You wrap the smaller size around your wrist and repeat this four times. There are other ways to make the same configuration that include 21 or 22, for example but that's not a problem as long as you have your mala to count.

Types of Malas
There are many different types of malas. Some are made of ivory or bone, while others are made of sandalwood or lapis lazuli. We don't believe that the kind of mala you select is essential for which type or form of prayer. We don't think Tibetans make much distinctions between kinds of malas. Monks and nuns use malas that are simple and simple to keep including wooden ones. Any mala can be used. It is more beneficial to concentrate on your spiritual practice of prayer and reciting mantras instead of on the looks or value of your mala. See the best Bodhi Tree Mala Beads for info.


How To Handle And Count Your Malas
As is often the case in Tibetan culture, we wish to stress that there are no rules regarding malas or how to count mantras. Every person does it in their own way. There are some ways that you can do it but they are not as significant as what you are aiming to pray for. You are doing what is right if you pray in your heart and use your mala. While most sources recommend holding your mala in one hand, some Tibetans advocate using the other. If you've got the prayer wheel in one hand and mala in the other, it is more common to hold your mala in the left hand and the prayer wheel on the right. When using your mala, begin by placing the first bead, which is next to the "guru" bead. The bead can be held between your thumb and index finger, and repeat your mantra either loudly or quietly. Move on to the next one using a an upward movement of the thumb, repeating the mantra and repeat. By the time you reach the guru bead, you will have completed 100 mantras. The majority of Tibetans are not going to abandon the beads that are gurus at this stage. Instead, they move the mala in the opposite direction, and then begin a new cycle, with 100 mantras. It's unclear why this is the case. We do it because we're familiar with it.

Caring for your Mala
In general, your mala will grow in spiritual significance when you utilize it for mantra recitations. You can also bring it to teachings and possibly have it blessed by your guru. While it may not be as holy as the Buddhist statue or a piece of scripture but it is something that we generally treat with respect. It is not to be thrown, placed on the ground or covered with objects of everyday use. When not using their malas, Tibetans wrap them around their wrists or hang them from their necks. They aren't used as necklaces, but they are used to decorate the neck or show one's spirituality. It can be placed on the wall or in a place high enough for you to see it the altar even if you don't require it. We actually keep ours in a special bookshelf under the altar. It's your responsibility to give it the love and respect with a practical non-extremist, non-confrontational attitude.


Top Rated Mantra Bracelet Advice

Posted: 06 Dec 2022, 07:18
by FrankJScott
What Is The Mantra Bracelet's Meaning What Are The Benefits You Can Get From It?
A mantra bracelet can be described as it is a Tibetan bracelet that has magic energy. Mantras may be phrases or words, or words, which are utilized to pray. They are a combination of the Sanskrit words manas (which refers to "to think") and tra (which is translated to "tools/instruments" which is a blend of both. Mantra is a means to think, used to draw attention. As a way to help with prayer, Buddhist and Hindu monks were known to wear mantra bracelets. They could also use them to track the number of instances they recited the mantra. These days mantra bracelets don't have to be only used by monks. These bracelets are also seen on everyday people. This is why? Many believe that the mantra bracelet absorbs positive energies from all spiritual practices because it's utilized in prayers. Because of this, people would wear these pieces as a symbol of good luck and security. They would wear them on their wrists to be able to absorb the vibrations.

How Are Mantra Bracelets Made?
Mantra bracelets can be created by local monks. When they design the bracelet, tie it, and then make the bracelet, they would repeat a sacred Hindu mantra, or Buddhist mantra. This is believed to replenish the bracelet with spiritual energy. The bracelets are typically made of a particular rope, known as the "endless" knots. This symbol is among the eight auspicious symbols from Buddhism. Mantra bracelets typically include beads made from gemstones, seeds or wood. Mantra bracelets can also come in metal, and ropes. They are typically made with the Buddhist or Hindu phrase etched on the surface. Check out the most popular feng shui mantra bracelet for more.


Om is one the most powerful mantras in Hinduism. It is a sacred utterance consisting of three syllables A-Uā€“M. Om is the sound of all things within Hinduism. Om is an incredibly powerful symbol to be worn because it represents the universe's creations. It is believed to generate resonances that connect you to all the energies of the universe whenever it is repeated.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum is the most important mantra of Buddhism. This mantra, with six syllables, loosely means "the jewel is inside the lotus." It can also be chanted to remove impure thoughts from our body, and even our speech. It removes hate desire, greed, and desires and replaces them with wisdom and patience. This is said to help us get rid of the root cause of our misery.

Heart Sutra
Another Buddhist sacred text is The Heart Sutra. The Heart Sutra suggests that we can achieve wisdom by letting go of the five human aspects. This means that we must let go of our thoughts, bodies and feelings, as well as our will and even our mind. To get rid of suffering, you can perfect wisdom.

Inspirational Words
In addition to prayers customized mantra bracelets that include motivational messages are also very popular. There are many cuffs or bracelets that are engraved with inspiring words to aid you in your journey through the day.

Where Are Your Top Locations To Wear A Mantra Bracelet?
You can wear the bracelet to your left. Some believe that the left hand is the receptive. The mantra bracelet absorbs the vibrations emanating from the left hand when it is worn on this side. Wearing it on your left hand is going to drain its energy. This is the reason that the hand on the right could be considered to be the projection hand.

Where Can I Buy Mantra Bracelets?
You can enjoy the benefits of the mantra necklace by wearing one today. At Buddha & Karma, we have a selection of Tibetan mantra bracelets for you. These bracelets are powerful in their energy that can bring health, luck, and security. Get your mantra bracelet now!


The 6 Ways In Which Mantra Bracelets Can Benefit You
1. For better concentration to help you concentrate, a mantra bracelet that has beads (also called mala wristbands) can be used. It tracks the number of times you are able to repeat the mantra. It can also be used to keep track of your progress as you are meditating, much like the rosary.

2. Serves as a Reminder
Mantra bracelets usually have inscribed teachings from Buddhism or Hinduism. These bracelets are a wonderful method to practice the ideals of these religions. It's as if you have a prayer in your ear every single day.

3. We Help You Find True Wisdom
The practice of meditating using the mantra bracelet will not only help to keep you in the present. It is believed to remove impurities from your mind, body, and speech. You can achieve a pure and happy state by let go of your negative thoughts. Thus, helping you attain enlightenment.

4. Inspire Healing
These bracelets can be used to affect your chakra as they are filled with positive energy. They have been known to boost the flow of energy in your chakras. It is believed to bring healing powers when worn as the mantra bracelet.

5. Brings happiness and good fortune
The cosmic vibrations are believed to resonate with the sound you use to bless your bracelet. It aligns your energy with the energy of the world around you. This helps you attract all the positive things in the world, including luck and happiness. It also helps you achieve prosperity.

6. Grants Protection
Mantra bracelets are also claimed to help you connect with divine power. It is possible to use divine energy to be your protector and guide while at the same time. Thus, wearing a mantra bracelet will keep your mind free of negativity throughout the day.

The Most Common Mantras For Bracelets
Tibetan monks utilize sacred sounds and syllables to offer a blessing to their bracelets. Below are the most common mantras that bracelets find in the present.

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Best Ideas For Picking Yak Thermal Clothing

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