thomas ruth's model design

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thomas ruth's model design

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hey, i'm a new modeler for x-plane by laminar research and i would like to ask a few questions about your modelling :D . first things first, lemme tell you a bit for those who don't know. x-plane is another flight sim for mac linux and pc. it comes with an application which allows users to model fuselage, wings, airfoils, misc bodies (wingbox, gear components etc.), engine specs, autopilot, weights and everything. this creates a model which x-plane uses to interpret how the plane will fly. not using commands telling it to fly like this or that. this creates a rather realistic model flight wise but it's really ugly. to fix that, we create objects on blender and ac3d to visually enhance the aircraft without affecting the flight dynamics. your project airbus aircraft along with Thomas ruth's airbus' and boeing 727 are the only fsx aircraft who's .mdl can be converted into x-plane .obj files. i just want to know what you use to design those aircraft and what makes them so different from the other aircraft on the market. thank you

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Re: thomas ruth's model design

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Most of the modelers of FS (and i believe the PAirbus as well) use GMAX as it is free. However, It depends on the sim's compatibility, as FS supplies the SDK and the Addons for the GMAX. Don't know about the supported 3D Modeller on the X-Plane, though.

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