Tail hook and launch bar on a380?

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Tail hook and launch bar on a380?

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If I was to place a tail hook and a launch bar on to an existing pairbus a380, what reference points for the aircraft.cfg would i need? I know the idea of landing an a380 on an aircraft carrier is daft but for the fun of it I would like to have a go. I assume the launch bar would attach to the forward landing gear, and the tail hook just behind the main landing gear rather than the near the tail due to the height off the floor. If this works i was considering creating a flying aircraft carrier/airport like you see in the movies with arrestor cables and catapults for those short runways, I hope I'm not being a little too ambitious! :D Anyway, any help will be greatly received.

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Re: Tail hook and launch bar on a380?

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I am no expert at this but it is not quite possible as the tail hook command is to open the 3 doors?? I'm not sure at all

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