FS9 Animated textures

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FS9 Animated textures

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FS9 animated textures are quite easy to create:
You'll need the animation frames: an image sequence, like a dismanteled GIF.
Now, and here's the tricky part:
The texture files must have the number of the frame in its file name like so: frame 1 is texturename0000.bmp, frame 2 is texturename0001.bmp and so on.

Now in gmax do as follows:
Create a material and name it, for example, "Animate_texturename_3_10_suffix".
Let's brake this code down:
Animate_ : Tells fs9 compiler that this is an animated material.
texturename_ : Put the main texture name here, if your texture is named "sonicboom0000.bmp", The bold part should be placed in this section.
3_ : Total number of frames (images).
10_ : Rate of frames, in this case it's 30 FPS. 2 is 20 FPS and so on.
suffix : you can put whatever you want here. It serves to identify various animted materials that use the same texture, so you don't get lost if you're adding lot's of them.

I hope this helps!

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